About the Teachers

Violinist Amelia Weesner studied with some of the 
finest violin teachers in the country, including Nicholas 
Mann, Robert Mann, Mitchell Stern, and Elaine Richey. 
She earned her Master of Music and Bachelor of Music 
degrees at the University of North Carolina School of the 
Arts in Winston-Salem. While attending UNCSA she was 
awarded a graduate music theory assistantship, and she
 won the UNCSA Concerto Competition. Her solo 
performance experience also includes many recitals. 
She is a chamber music lover, and enjoys performing 
chamber music, as well as coaching young chamber 
music ensembles.  

Amelia is currently a member of the Greensboro 
Symphony Orchestra. She has also been a member of the Bach Festival Orchestra, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra (acting Associate Principal Second Violin), and the Winston-Salem Symphony. She enjoys outreach to her community, and has organized performances and music programs for disadvantaged children, nursing homes, and hospitals. Amelia has 17 years of teaching experience and also has Suzuki pedagogy training under Francia Mann (Book 1). She adores teaching and is dedicated to her students.

Multi-talented Joshua Weesner is a violinist, 
composer, songwriter, arranger, orchestrator, and 
recording engineer. His violin training began in 
childhood as a Suzuki student under Margie Keller. 
At the young age of 14 his studies continued at the 
University of North Carolina School of the Arts under 
the tutelage of Kevin Lawrence. He also attended 
competitive summer programs such as the 
Meadowmount School of Music, Killington Music 
Festival, and the Henry Mancini Institute. 

Mr. Weesner has been a contract member of the 
Winston-Salem Symphony, the Greensboro Symphony 
Orchestra, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, and the Chattanooga Symphony. As a recording artist and touring musician, he has performed with Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys, the Collection, Martha Bassett, and many more.

Mr. Weesner has enjoyed an extensive career providing custom music services for touring stage productions. For seven years he worked for the music notation software company Notion Music. His positions there included Quality Assurance Lead, Sound Editor, and Manager of Live Services. With Notion Music as well as independently, Joshua has been the Associate Music Supervisor for the national and international touring productions of: Cathy Rigby is Peter PanThe Wizard of OzAnnie, Baayork Lee's A Chorus LineJekyll and Hyde, Franco Dragone's India Circus, and Kung Fu Panda. Mr. Weesner is very knowledgeable about Music Technology and is an accomplished recording engineer, composer, song writer, orchestrator, and arranger. Currently he is composing original music for a video game with Razor Edge Games.

Mr. Weesner has seven years of experience teaching violin to students age three through adult, from beginner to pre-college level. For beginners, he uses the "mother-tongue approach" of the Suzuki Method, for the benefit of ear-training and basic violin technique. For advanced students, Mr. Weesner moves to traditional methods and repertoire. For group classes and recitals, Joshua and Amelia like to team-teach, combining their efforts and their students for these larger group learning experiences. Joshua has had Suzuki Book 1 training with James Hutchins.   

In addition to instruction in classical violin, Mr. Weesner offers instruction in fiddle, music theory, instrumental improvisation, song writing, and music technology. He strives to make music interesting, challenging, and fun for students of all ages!  

Tuition Rates 2017-2018

This year we have 36 weekly lessons, plus 14 group classes (held approximately every other week), 
and 2 recitals.

There is one $75 class/recital fee per term ($150 per year). Siblings receive a 50% discount on the class/recital fee.   

FALL (Aug 21-Jan 31):
         30-minute lessons: 4 installments of $140
         45-minute lessons: 4 installments of $210
         60-minute lessons: 4 installments of $280

SPRING (Feb 1-June 4):
         30-minute lessons: 3 installments of $149
         45-minute lessons: 3 installments of $224
         60-minute lessons: 3 installments of $298



To Join the Studio:
Contact us. We are happy to hear from you and we hope you can join us! A requirement to join our studio is to first observe several lessons during a free trial period in which you learn about violin lessons. Please keep in good communication with us and continue contacting us until your lesson observation is scheduled.

Information for Beginners

With Private Lessons  students progress faster and build a stronger foundation than if they only learned in a group. Private lessons are weekly. The student has one-on-one tutoring with the teacher, and is given a personal lesson time slot that occurs at the same time and day per week. The parent or caregiver is encouraged to observe as many lessons or as much of the lesson as possible. For the rest of the week, the student practices daily at home, with the parent as the "home teacher." It is very important for parents to be proactive and supportive of the student's home practice. For young students, parents can even learn along with the child during the lessons, so that the parent can better help the child at home. In the beginning, daily practice does not take much time. In the beginning, the most important thing is the habit of practicing, for a short time each day. With regular practice and weekly private lessons, the student progresses steadily. A strong foundation is built that helps the student as s/he advances. 

Included with private lessons are the group classes and recitals. Group classes are similar to lessons, only with a lot of students all at once. In the classes, the students build on what they are learning in the private lessons, but with the benefits of a group setting. These classes are not only integral to the students' music education, but they are also FUN and MOTIVATING! At recitals students perform their polished pieces individually and in groups. With an encouraging and nurturing environment, students learn how to play in front of people. They also learn from hearing and watching other students perform. Classes and performances are an ongoing part of our studio.    

 Before You Begin

Are you wondering how you can prepare for lessons before they even start? Do you have a 1- or 2-year old who you can't wait to start? Here is what you should do!

           -Read Nurtured by Love, by Shinichi Suzuki. (Don't               skip the Preface, which is one of the best parts.)

           -Obtain the Suzuki Volume 1 CD or album, and play 
            it for your child every day. (You can do this while in             the car, while they are playing, while they are                     talking, when they are falling asleep, etc.)

           -Obtain professional classical music recordings                     (especially ones that feature violin and other                       stringed instruments), and play them for your child             every day. (Contact me if you would like a list of 
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