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Please note: We do not accept inquiries in the form of text messages. Please call or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you email us, please leave your phone number in the email. 

We typically accept students aged 3-17. For parents of children aged 0-2, we will gladly give you information for creating an environment at home that will teach music even at that young age. If a baby can learn his/her parents' language, then he/she can learn music. 

PHONE NUMBER: 336-609-3216 or 336-558-6975

EMAIL: weesnerviolinstudio@gmail.com 

How To Begin Lessons:

1. Please call or email to schedule a lesson observation and "meet & greet." There is no charge or commitment required for this meeting. If you email, it is helpful to include your phone number because it is easier and quicker for us to start the process over the phone. If you schedule an observation, we may also need your phone number in case of a last-minute change (for example, the very rare event that we need to cancel your appointment because of sickness or emergency). 

2. After your lesson observation and meet & greet, the next step is to secure a time slot and schedule your first lesson. 

Please do not purchase or rent a violin before discussing it with us. We will give you recommendations during our meet & greet. We do not sell or rent instruments. But we need to measure your child's arm using our own preferred measurements, and we would like to talk with you about obtaining your violin. Otherwise the chance is high that you could end up with the wrong size violin, or a violin that will not play because it is not adequate, causing you the inconvenience of needing to obtain a different instrument. 

Young students often start with a box violin that we provide. Therefore you may have several weeks of lessons before you even need the real violin. 

Please read our reading material that we give to you at the lesson observation, and play the Suzuki Violin Volume 1 album in your child's home (and car!) environment for many hours every day. If you are eager about starting Suzuki violin lessons, you can go ahead and purchase this album and begin listening to it now! 


The location of our weekly lessons is in Winston-Salem. Please discuss lessons with us and make an appointment prior to our first meeting. We look forward to talking with you.

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